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A Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter recently noted that the biggest hindrance to cryptocurrency adoption is tax laws and reporting taxes on digital currency usage. After reading the commentary, CEO Roger Ver shared a four-minute video about the subject of taxes in order to spark questions in ...

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Borderless isn’t like other decentralized exchanges (DEXs). For one thing, it comes with its own blockchain – or rather the Block Collider chain comes with its own DEX. Throw in the ability to perform cross-chain transfers, block times that are 3x faster than Ethereum and no limits on order size, an...

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Cryptocurrency ATM operator Värdex Suisse has introduced BHC support to its devices. The company is a financially regulated entity that provides access to digital assets through its teller machines, POS services and partnerships with retailers in Switzerland and abroad. Also read: American Electroni...

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IBM claims that six banks will issue stablecoins using its World Wire protocol which is based on the Stellar network. According to the tech giant, three banks have publicly committed to the initiative, and the remainder will reveal themselves soon. The announcement joins the resurgence of blockchain...

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Silvergate Bank, headquartered in San Diego as a California state-chartered bank, started its cryptocurrency-related business in 2013. Now over 500 companies from the digital assets industry are using its services as one of the very few “bitcoin-friendly” banks based in the U.S. Also Read: American ...

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At least 87 percent of cryptocurrency exchanges may have falsified their reported trade volumes, a new study claims. According to a review of the top 100 exchanges by analytics company The Tie, most of the trading volume on the world’s largest crypto trading platforms is suspect. Also read: Quadriga...

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Liquidity has shifted away from the top gaining crypto assets, with only six of the week’s 30 top performing markets currently riding 24-hour volume of seven figures or higher in USD. ABBC comprises the most liquid of the week’s top losers, currently ranking as the sixth poorest performing mar...

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Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck’s announcement that it plans to sell its BSV holdings and reimburse users with Japanese fiat currency. Also, Chinese mining g...

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Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT), a Phoenix, Arizona headquartered technology solutions company, has announced on Tuesday that it is now working with Bitpay to accept cryptocurrency payments for its products and services including bitcoin cash (BCH). Also Read: Bitmain Releases Miner 3x More Powerful Than Its Pr...

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The Wallet is a simple cryptocurrency light client that supports bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC). Since the initial release of the software, there have been 3.7 million noncustodial wallets created and climbing. Now, the latest version of the Wallet not only allows ...

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Quadrigacx co-founder Michael Patryn is actually a convicted criminal who went by the name Omar Dhanani, a Bloomberg report alleges. Dhanani has been previously convicted of identity theft linked to bank and credit card fraud and sentenced to 18 months in a U.S. federal prison. He was later deported...

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On March 18, Portuguese programmer Cláudio Gil revealed the launch of an old 80s video game that uses Bitcoin Cash-based Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens for interactive play. The Lode Runner SLP version is a port of the classic 1983 puzzle-oriented action game that allows people to play using th...

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90% of all cryptocurrency trading takes place on centralized exchanges. Nash is part of a new breed of exchanges determined to change that. The next generation of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) promise to improve the UX and simplify the trading experience, empowering users to retain custody of their...

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The largest Swiss online retailer, Digitec Galaxus, has started accepting crypto payments at its two stores. Customers can choose from 10 cryptocurrencies to pay with including BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, TRX, OMG, and XRP. One of the stores specializes in consumer electronics while the other focuses on eve...

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Bitmain, the Beijing-headquartered cryptocurrency mining giant, has officially released the Antminer Z11 machine on Tuesday March 19. The new device is designed to mine coins that are based on the Equihash proof-of-work algorithm such as the privacy-focused altcoin zcash (ZEC). Also Read: In the Dai...

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In this edition of The Daily we cover the resumption of trading on the hacked New Zealand exchange Cryptopia, the American digital assets industry’s increased lobbying of politicians, and a wanted ad by the Visa Crypto team. Also Read: Tel Aviv Court Rules Bank Can’t Close Crypto Miner’s Accou...

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A major Australian real estate group is holding a luxury home auction that can be paid for with two cryptocurrencies. There will be a live auctioneer who will call out bids in BTC. The property owner says he wants to keep as many coins as possible. Also read: Crypto Enthusiasts Unite in 4 Indian Cit...

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Back in January 2017, China’s financial authorities initiated their first crackdowns against domestic bitcoin exchanges, with a ban on mainland exchanges cryptocurrencies against the yuan coming shortly thereafter. Now, close to two years and three months later, a surge of CNY has been flowing back ...

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2gether, a Spanish banking platform, has announced the launch of its prepaid Visa debit card that allows holders to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency. Customers can use the card to make payment in euros or via bitcoin core, bitcoin cash, ripple, ethereum, EOS, litecoin and stellar. Als...

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Over the last few years, cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) have proliferated. According to statistics, there are now over 4,400 digital currency dispensing machines worldwide with new models under development. The following ATMs can be purchased today, allowing anyone to deploy a crypt...

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No sooner had the victims of the Christchurch attack fallen than governments were clamoring to mine the tragedy for political capital. Despite the shooting having been live streamed on Facebook, antipodean officials have directed their ire against fringe websites in a desperate bid to control the na...

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In January, reported on the so-called ‘XRP army’ harassing Ryan Selkis, the cofounder of cryptocurrency data startup Messari. A recent data analysis has now alleged that the XRP army of shills is compromised of thousands of bots trying to sway market sentiment across social media ch...

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The controversy surrounding the backing of Tether’s USDT tokens has resurfaced following a recent alteration to the company’s terms of service that now state the reserves backing USDT comprise “traditional currency and cash equivalents and … other assets and receivables from loans made by Teth...

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In this edition of The Daily we feature two countries that want to promote their positions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. In the UAE a top banker has stated that keeping up with crypto is crucial to become an international financial hub and in Australia the government is investing in th...

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Advantages to mining BITCOIN in 2018 - recommendation and risks.

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Is it possible to mining Bitcoin on cloud services - the relevance of the process and the benefits.

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2017 became the year of BITCOIN mining. Is it profitable to do this in 2018, is it worth it to mining?

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Advantages of Crypto-currency. The opinion of experts from Crypto Mining LTD.

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Crypto Mining LTD: reviews of the cloud mining.

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Cloud mining Crypto Mining LTD: overview, profitability, outlook.

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English company Crypto Mining LTD has done what others have long dreamed of.

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Starting from March 2016, the company constantly increases its base of crypto-currency and production capacities, it is rapidly gaining momentum.

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Customers can rent mining server capacity and make high profits.

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There are many important differences between crypto currency and ordinary money.

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Crypto Mining LTD is a cloud-mining company. One of the most popular services among citizens of the United States and Britain.

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The client has 7 fixed tariff plans. Users are offered to rent servers with different types of capacity up to 3125000 Gh / s per customer.

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Crypto Mining LTD launched a data center in Ireland.

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Crypto Mining LTD is a British company engaged in the development of crypto-currency systems. Officially registered in the UK in March 2016, however, the company has an earlier history of creation.

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In this review, we will talk about earnings on Crypto Mining LTD, the largest cloud-based mining service.

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Crypto Mining LTD is a proven service offering flexible tariff plans.

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Minimum withdrawal of funds from the internal balance for Bitcoin 3.2 $

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Referral Bonus $ 500. Earn more by inviting friends The company launched a bonus reward program, per invited partners.

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Per a text comment, the company pays $ 0.15

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From November 23, partners of the company Crypto Mining LTD are beginning to receive increased profits. The concept of integrated capabilities has increased the profits from cloud development almost tripled.

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The section “Transactions” has been added to the website of the company Crypto Mining LTD

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Starting from November 19, personal withdrawal of funds is available to users from Monday to Friday.

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November 17, the management of the company Crypto Mining LTD, it was decided to change the conditions for the minimum amount of withdraw funds from the system

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News from the company Crypto Mining LTD
Minimum rental price reduced!

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Address of the CEO to users.

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We are pleased to announce the good news. Launch of the «Percent to ROOM» bonus program.

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On October 23, the management of Crypto Mining LTD decided to launch the “YOUTUBE REVIEWS” bonus program.

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The specialists of Crypto Mining LTD have updated the miner software, the revenue component has been increased by 22.917% due to the update of pool forwarding.

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Months of preparation and goal achieved.
The group of developers of the company Crypto Mining LTD, has gained strong support from the management of the company.

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